Appleton and the Kabul New City Development

The IHFD recently posted a video on their YouTube channel with an animation of the Kabul New City Development.

Afghanistan, a fast growing emerging market of strategic importance, is located at the crossroads of the famous east-west trading corridor of the Silk Road and the modern north-south corridor of great economic opportunities. These corridors link some of the largest and fastest-growing economies of the world, including China, India, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and UAE. They involve massive energy resources of Central Asia, Afghan mineral riches worth trillions of dollars, busy South-Asian markets and major sea ports of international trading in Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.

Kabul, symbolizing the spirits of all Afghans and international cooperation, sits at the heart of this highly resourceful region, with great potential to serve as the economic center for the country and region.

Kabul, which was built for 700,000 people, is estimated to grow over the next 15 years to more than 6.5 million to 8 million inhabitants. After 2002, the new geo-political dynamics and its subsequent business opportunities, rapid urban population growth and emergence of high unemployment, triggered the planning of urban extension towards the immediate north of Kabul, in the form of a new city. The $35 billion New Kabul master plan, in which the city is expected to expand north towards Bagram Airfield, is a very exciting project.

The Master Plan features the construction of a new city in three phases spanning 15 years. By 2025, the project is expected tocreate 500,000 jobs: 100,000 in agriculture, 100,000 in industry and 300,000 in service and other sectors. The plan is for international donors and the Afghan government to supply $11 billion over the next 15 to 20 years to build water and sewer lines, electricity and roads. Japan and the Asian Development Bank have pledged to help build streets, initial infrastructure and power lines.

A consortium led by International Home Finance and Development (IHFD) is expected to be awarded the contract to develop Parcel One, Phase One. This development, featuring the construction of 13,000 housing units, as well ascommercial space and green areas, is scheduled to be completed by 2019. The project contains two primary aspects: the design and construction of the residential units and related spaces, and the financing of the units to prospective residents and families featuring Sharia compliant mortgages. The international firms of Ellis Don and APPLETON, already in a teaming arrangement for an ongoing construction project of 3300 residential units in Kabul, were approached to propose the PM plan for the construction aspect of this overall endeavour.

This project, Phase One-Parcel One, is a key component of the largest development project in the history of Afghanistan; at an estimated overall value of $35B USD for New Kabul City it is arguably the largest undertaking in all of Central Asia. The PM team of Ellis Don-APPLETON understands the enormity of this task. For this reason, it is only appropriate that a world class project have a world class management team that has a first-class global reputation as well as a first-class reputation within Afghanistan.

The video shows the rendering of the housing units that will be developed.