New Residential Housing Project in Kabul

On Thursday 16 May 2013, the President of Afghanistan opened a project site to a new strategic endeavour: the building of residential housing for low income families in Kabul. This project valued at $179M USD, will provide new housing for approximately 15,000 Kabul residents. The President of APPLETON, Stephen Appleton, stated:

“This is historic in its application. The initiative from the Afghan government and funding from the UAE has set in motion the ability to build housing units previously unattainable for the Afghan people. The model for this construction can be replicated throughout this country and the developing world. It has long been studied and asserted that transition economies and developing markets need to embrace a few key strategic tenets to become successful: residential housing and strategic level construction are some of those tenets. This project addresses both in the case of Afghanistan. APPLETON is very proud to be part of this effort; in concert with our partner ELLIS DON, we are serving as the technical oversite to the work to ensure all stakeholders can realize the true value of this undertaking as originally envisaged. It is a privilege for us to be part of this.”

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