ACI Completes Design Project for JICA

JICA CompleteAppleton is pleased to announce the successful completion of a series of urban roads, bridges and Intersections designs for JICA In concert with the municipality of Kabul City. This is the third successful project that ACI has completed with JICA and marks the continuation of a strong and respected relationship between the two teams.

Starting in February 2014 Appleton has completed four major phases of the outline design work to achieve the objectives of this contract. This project was done in collaboration with YEC- JICA’s Engineering Consultant for Afghanistan- and Transystem, a group from India, making this entire eff on a unique international success.

A Kick-off meeting with JICA was held in Dubai, UAE 26-28 February 2014 to commence the project and to ensure that Appleton’s design concept and methodology met the highest design standards.

Field Studies were conducted to perform the topography survey, geotechnical investigation and collect existing traffic data to improve the selected major city intersections.

An Outline Design was performed on 11.6km of roads, two 50m long bridges and five major intersections:

The roads are:

  • Maslakh road (4-lane)
  • SBQeZ (Sarak-e-Bala-e-Qala-e-Zaman khan)-(2-Lane)

The two bridges are:

  • Makroyan Bridge
  • Guzargah Bridge

The five major intersections are:

  • Dispitury Intersection
  • Abdulhaq Roundabout
  • Pol-e-Mahmood Khan intersection
  • Start of SBQeZ
  • End of SBQeZ

In addition, to the outline design Appleton conducted a four-day capacity development program with the Municipality staff of Kabul City on the highlights of design engineering.

The Final verification meeting, to confirm the results of the outline design was held in

Dubai, UAE 26-31 August 2014 with JICA, YEC (JICA’s consultant) and ACI.

Appleton was honored to present the result of its design to the client-JICA. ACI also wishes to thank the Deputy Mayor Mr. Abdul Ahad Wahid for his support and collaboration throughout this eff on and ACI looks forward to doing more work with the City in the future.