Forging New Development

Appleton is a key player in the construction of a new housing development in Qasaba, a major project in the region.

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Business Proposals

ACI has a professional team to write proposals based on the standards from international donors such as; United States Army Corps of Engineers, USAID, UN, ADB, GOA, JICA, CIDA and World Bank.

Strategic Partnerships

ACI facilitates innovative business partnerships between Afghan and international firms. By forging these partnerships, we provide Afghan firms with greater access to international markets, management for projects, investment capital and more.

Business Management

ACI provides strategic advice in keys areas of business in Afghanistan including strengthening the planning, design and implementation of infrastructure development and rehabilitation projects.

Latest News

Al-Qasaba Project

Appleton Consulting Inc. in partnership with Ellis Don Construction Inc. is pleased to announce 73% completion of the Al-Qasaba Low Cost Residential Housing Project that is being funded by Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) on behalf of Abu Dhabi Government to the... read more

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